waiting in poor lighting

by Billy Gomberg

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originally issued as a limited edition c36 by Avant Archive.

Billy Gomberg presents a magnetically warped version of warmth with this recent collection of four pieces. Over two sides, we get exposed to this kind of creeping mixture of hiss and drone that collaborate to create feelings of fondness and anxiety. Probing it reveals almost nothing, but experiencing it yields something wonderful. This music will creep up on you. You will find yourself loving it and wishing you could listen to it all the time. It is discordant and noisy at times, but the warmth makes it feel like a friend. Billy Gomberg is your new best friend.


Anti-Gravity Bunny:

Absolutely incredible new tape from Gomberg on Avant Archive. Two tracks each side, the first one: drone, then some wonky dynamics. The opening on the A side is a subtle slab of calm, the stillness just before dawn, with an increasing sense of paranoia that the sun might not actually rise, that turns into a meditation on darkness and the possibilites of a world without sun. The B side opener is much more blissful, though just as dark, melancholic organ-type drones bringing down the house with deep rumbles and bittersweet progressions. Both closing tracks are full of echoey weirdness, drifting dreams, sustained tones plunked out and smothered in hiss, the last track depressing as hell, the epitome of loneliness. So so good. And this is one of AA’s limited releases, so you know what to do.

Tiny Mix Tapes:

Michael Jantz’s (Black Eagle Child) Avant Archive boutique continues a hot streak of can’t-miss cassettes, which is where Billy Gomberg fits in. Waiting in Poor Lighting is a sinful blend of minor and major drone. Whether forcing anxiety (“Empty Fall”) through snake-tongued manipulations, embracing the fears of isolation (“Dust Taking Leave”) with successive aural mind fucks, or the calm after the breakdown (“Seams”), Gomberg’s versatile tape takes the place of feeling any real emotional attachment to the world. It’s a drug doctors should be pedaling in between Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy to those who are diseased with more symptoms than problems. Waiting in Poor Lighting will pounce on the hypochondriacs and cure them after intensive shock therapy. Consult with your Gomberg; if symptoms persist, visit the apothecary of Dr. Jantz’s Avant Archive for further evaluation.


released February 27, 2012

billy gomberg - access virus b, mutable instruments shruti-1, electronics, recording



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Billy Gomberg Brooklyn, New York

I live in Brooklyn, NY. I am a musician, primarily electronic, incorporating traditional & modern synthesis, process, recordings and instrumentation. Ideas from contemporary ambient, improvisation & electroacoustic practice bear some weight, pulling the physical and the abstract together.

In addition to solo recordings, I perform & record with Anne Guthrie as Fraufraulein.
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